220 kilos less of garbage in Las Baulas National Marine Park

With the support of different government institutions, organizations, neighbors, tourists and volunteers, this November we collected around 485 pounds of waste in Playa Grande and Playa Ventanas in several cleaning campaigns.

The Lone Hawksbill

Punta Descartes, at the northernmost tip of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, is one of the least economically developed areas of the country. The communities of El Jobo and Puerto Soley depend almost entirely on fish for sustenance and to generate income.

Conservation Requires Collaboration

Providing safer environments for migratory species like sea turtles requires collaboration across geographic boundaries, cultures and generations.

Plastic Fork Removed From Sea Turtle’s Nose

Field Director Nathan Robinson removes a plastic fork from an olive ridley sea turtle's nose.

What Climate Change Means for Sea Turtles

The Leatherback Trust’s Executive Director, Dr. George Shillinger, discusses the significance of climate change for sea turtles and how local communities can mitigate negative impacts.

Champion Turtles are Crucial to Leatherback Survival

While overall numbers of nesting leatherbacks have declined, champion turtles have found a way to avoid threats at sea and keep returning to Las Baulas National Park.

Beach temperatures affect sea turtle hatchling success

Scientists consider that for conservation efforts to succeed, it is necessary to counteract the impact of fisheries; and that egg clutches must be relocated only under extreme conditions that threaten their survival.