Drone Footage of Olive Ridley Swimming

Watch an olive ridley sea turtle leave its nesting beach for the open ocean.

Meet Our Field Biologists: Lindsay McKenna

Field biologist Lindsay McKenna is studying the vocalizations of sea turtle hatchlings and embryos. 

Meet Our Field Biologists: Brett Butler

Meet Brett Butler, field biologist and aspiring herpetologist.

Meet Our Field Biologists: Jenell Black

Sea turtle biologist Jenell Black is living in present time Jurassic Park.

Meet Our Field Biologists: Sean Williamson

Meet sea turtle biologist Sean Williamson, Australian ice cream aficionado. 

Meet Our Field Biologists: Lauren Cruz

Meet sea turtle biologist Lauren Cruz, currently studying the effects of artificial light on the offshore orientation of olive ridley sea turtles.

Meet Our Field Biologists: Lia Domico

Meet field biologist Lia Domico, who loves to surf in her spare time.

Meet Our Field Biologists: Collin Hertz

Meet field biologist Collin Hertz from Venice, CA, lover of olive ridley dance moves.

What happens to unhatched sea turtle nests?

Nests can fail to hatch for many reasons. Our biologists calculate when all marked nests are due to hatch, and plan excavations accordingly.

What Climate Change Means for Sea Turtles

The Leatherback Trust’s Executive Director, Dr. George Shillinger, discusses the significance of climate change for sea turtles and how local communities can mitigate negative impacts.