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What happens to unhatched sea turtle nests?

Nests can fail to hatch for many reasons. Our biologists calculate when all marked nests are due to hatch, and plan excavations accordingly.

New Kiosk to Protect Turtles

On March 5th 2016, the 13th annual Baulas Festival filled the main street of Playa Grande, Costa Rica in celebration of the endangered East Pacific leatherback sea turtle.

The Leatherback Trust Hosts Earthwatch Teachers

Last week we were lucky to host four American teachers as volunteers at our Goldring-Gund Marine Biology Station. The generosity of the Earthwatch Institute and The Giles W. and Elise G. Mead Foundation made their trips possible.

Twin 7 Year Olds Speak Out on the Importance of Leatherbacks

Keira and Alexa are 7 year-old twins who care deeply about the protection of leatherback sea turtles. During their recent “Project Based Learning” about saving sea turtles they crafted some beautiful drawings.

Join TLT as a Field Biologist

Each year, The Leatherback Trust selects a team of highly motivated, early-career biologists to assist our researchers at the Goldring-Gund Marine Biology Station. Join us!

First Leatherback of the Season at Cabuyal

We had our first leatherback this season at Cabuyal on the night of Dec 10th and she was a new turtle. Nothing compares to being on a dark beach in the middle of a starry night and finding a leatherback emerging from the water. Leatherbacks being so rare these days also adds something to the experience.

Plastic Fork Removed From Sea Turtle’s Nose

Field Director Nathan Robinson removes a plastic fork from an olive ridley sea turtle's nose.

What Climate Change Means for Sea Turtles

The Leatherback Trust’s Executive Director, Dr. George Shillinger, discusses the significance of climate change for sea turtles and how local communities can mitigate negative impacts.

Champion Turtles are Crucial to Leatherback Survival

While overall numbers of nesting leatherbacks have declined, champion turtles have found a way to avoid threats at sea and keep returning to Las Baulas National Park.

Bullis Charter School Celebrates The Leatherback Trust

Suzi Berry and Murray Rode generously hosted a wonderful party to celebrate the Bullis Charter School's ongoing relationship with The Leatherback Trust.