Twin 7 Year Olds Speak Out on the Importance of Leatherbacks

Keira and Alexa are 7 year-old twins who care deeply about the protection of leatherback sea turtles. They're in the 2nd grade at the Bullis Charter School, one of The Leatherback Trust’s close partners in sea turtle conservation. During their recent “Project Based Learning” about saving sea turtles they crafted some beautiful drawings.

Keira drew a leatherback swimming freely in the water

Alexa drew a leatherback caught in a fishing net, one of the many threats to their survival

When asked what they like about leatherbacks, Keira said, "they are cute and peaceful when they swim — I tried to draw them like that," and Alexa noted their gentle soul. "Although giant, they don't hurt other species," she said.

Both sisters know how important it is to protect leatherback sea turtles. Keira reminded us that they're endangered ancient creatures. Alexa is reminded of birds soaring overhead when she thinks about leatherbacks. She said, "It would not be right to have no leatherbacks in the ocean, just like it would not be right not to have big birds in the sky.

Thanks for all you're doing to educate the world about the importance of leatherback conservation, Alexa and Keira. Keep up the good work!