Meet Our Interns: Lauren Hackney

Have you ever wondered what daily life is like for an intern with The Leatherback Trust? Lauren worked non-stop during the 2015-2016 nesting season and we couldn't be more grateful. 

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Lauren Hackney

Hometown: Santa Clarita, CA, USA

Degrees: B.A. in International Studies, UC Irvine

What attracted you to this field position?

I was looking for an opportunity to get business operations experience in the non-profit field while also working in a Spanish speaking country. I found exactly what I was looking for!

Describe your typical day on the job.

Every day is very different but typically I go to breakfast everyday with the biologists and the volunteers. Then the afternoon time is reserved for me to work on the business side of things or go on activities with volunteers before everyone goes to dinner together. 3-4 times a week I work a turtle shift on the beach or in the hatchery which take place for about 6 hours in the night depending on the tides. I usually try to fit in a run or practice yoga once a day as well!

What’s the best part of your job?

I think it’s a tie between walking the beach at night under the most amazing sky full of stars and going to sleep knowing that I am working towards a good cause.  

How is Costa Rica different than your home country?

Costa Rica has a much slower pace of life and I have seen that the people are much more in tune with nature. Also, US Netflix has nothing on Costa Rican Netflix.

If you could have a superpower what would it be?


Describe Costa Rica in three words.

Pura Vida, wildlife, patience.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

I ran Division 1 track and field at UC Irvine.