Photo by TLT's Executive Director Selected for Commemorative Costa Rican Stamp

On August 24, 2016, the Costa Rican Postal Service celebrated National Parks Day by launching special edition stamps featuring Las Baulas National Park. A photograph submitted by The Leatherback Trust's Executive Director, Dr. George Shillinger, was selected to create the artwork for the 2100 colones stamp. 

E. Solano 2016

Special edition stamp commemorating Las Baulas National Park. 2100 colones stamp design submitted by The Leatherback Trust's Executive Director, Dr. George Shillinger.

"I'm honored that my picture of an East Pacific leatherback was selected to be used for this unique series of commemorative stamps for Las Baulas National Park. For more than 15 years, The Leatherback Trust has worked with Las Baulas National Park to help protect this critically endangered population of sea turtles. We thank Correos de Costa Rica, SINAC and MarViva for putting leatherbacks centerstage. We hope that these stamps will play an important role in raising awareness of the plight of East Pacific leatherbacks to ensure that these magnificent creatures continue to survive as one of Costa Rica's national treasures."

Dr. George Shillinger

Executive Director

Original Artwork

The Leatherback Trust's Executive Director, Dr. George Shillinger, submitted this original photo for the Correos de Costa Rica contest.

The ceremony took place in the Volcán Tenorio National Park with the President of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solís, and the Minister of Environment, Edgar Gutiérrez. President Solís placed the stamp on three letters, surrounded by children from nearby schools, including three daughters of Park Rangers. 

E. Solano 2016

Mauricio Rojas, General Manager of the Costa Rican Postal Service; Nash Ugalde, Communications Coordinator for MarViva; Elizabeth Solano, Costa Rica Director for The Leatherback Trust; Rotney Piedra, Administrator of Las Baulas National Park; and Ligia Oviedo, Manager of the Postal Service Museum of Costa Rica.

In October, when the nesting season begins, another celebration will take place in Las Baulas National Park to celebrate these special edition stamps.