The Leatherback Trust Hosts Earthwatch Teachers

Last week we were lucky to host four American teachers as volunteers at our Goldring-Gund Marine Biology Station. The generosity of the Earthwatch Institute and The Giles W. and Elise G. Mead Foundation made their trips possible.

We were joined by: Mike Wing from Sir Francis Drake High School; Justine Hochstaedter from Everett Alvarez High School; Dean Lorenzo from Prospect High School; and Kathy Ho from Lucile Packard Children's Hospital School.

J. Hochstaedter 2016

Justine, Allen, Adrian, and Milixia doing a Google Hangout with one of Justine’s classrooms.

While at the Station, the teachers helped us out by walking the beach at night to monitor for nesting sea turtles, excavating unhatched nests and watching over the hatchery. They video conferenced with their classrooms back home, reaching over 350 students in total.

From their blogs it’s easy to see how hard they worked through late nights and early mornings. We’re grateful for their time, travel, and dedication to the protection of East Pacific leatherback sea turtles and other imperiled species.

Want to know more about volunteering with us during the upcoming nesting season? You can read more here