Sea turtle volunteer project at Playa Cabuyal

Volunteer Project

The work includes:

  • Night patrols: these are 4-6 hour shifts. During night patrols we mark and measure the turtles, count eggs, mark and protect nests, and give information to tourists as needed.
  • Morning walks: during morning walks we cover the extent of the beach, count tracks and mark nests. Rays, whales, and dolphins can be spotted during morning walks.
  • Other beach activities: these usually take place in the afternoon. These include triangulation of nests, taking nest temperatures, or doing nest excavations, and giving information to tourists when they are present.
  • Assisting with cooking and camp cleaning.

Volunteer Profile

We seek for people with the following characteristics:

  • Enthusiastic volunteers who are willing to work as part of a team and have a genuine interest in nature and field work.
  • There is no internet at the camp site and there is limited electricity and phone coverage. It is important that the volunteer can live under these conditions and enjoy them. Nevertheless, there are toilet services, drinkable water and a place to cook.
  • Volunteers must be able to walk on soft sand for several hours and work under conditions of sleep deprivation at times.

Cabuyal Camp

Nice experience, very close to nature.


You must send the following information to Maria del Pilar Santidrián,

  • Curriculum vitae or professional resume
  • A document that explains your interest in participating in the project.
  • Dates that you want to volunteer, which must be more than 4 days.
  • International insurance
  • You also need to:
  • Cover food and other expenses (3 meals per day).
  • Cover expenses to travel to and from the site.


Enjoy, learn and, overall, support sea turtles conservation in a place full of nature. More information: +506 2653-0635, Facebook: Leatherback Trust or

Cabuyal area map

Explore the surroundings of the area!

Image by Google Maps