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The Gift of a Morning Leatherback

Sometimes, this biologist and their adjoining volunteers are granted the gift of a “morning turtle.” A morning turtle is one that crawls up to nest in the late hours of the night and is still on the beach as the sun rises.

Join TLT as a Field Biologist in Costa Rica

Each year, The Leatherback Trust selects a team of highly motivated, early-career biologists to assist our researchers at the Goldring-Gund Marine Biology Station. Join us!

The Lone Hawksbill

Punta Descartes, at the northernmost tip of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, is one of the least economically developed areas of the country. The communities of El Jobo and Puerto Soley depend almost entirely on fish for sustenance and to generate income.

225 Kilos of Garbage Collected

The Leatherback Trust carried out 12 beach clean-ups in 2016. Around 100 people participated in these activities, including kids and adults. In total, we collected 225 kilos (496 pounds) of trash!

Conservation Requires Collaboration

Providing safer environments for migratory species like sea turtles requires collaboration across geographic boundaries, cultures and generations.

Endangered: Artist Melanie Cuno Speaks Out

I created this piece to show the reality of what is becoming our oceans—the beauty of the endangered leatherback sea turtle, yet surrounded by plastic debris.

Art for Conservation: The Leatherback Sea Turtle

As we advance conservation through education and advocacy, art can be a powerful tool to help us communicate important messages to nearby communities, the broader public, and even policymakers.

Park Rangers Stop Illegal Fishing Boats

Recently, Park guards from Las Baulas National Park and the Costa Rican Coast Guard stopped two illegal fishing boats within the marine protected area of the Park, which extends 12 nautical miles offshore.

Photo Selected for Commemorative Costa Rican Stamp

A photograph submitted by The Leatherback Trust's Executive Director was selected to create the artwork for a commemorative 2100 colones stamp.

Sea turtle ‘hitchhikers’ play important role in conservation

Many ancient cultures once believed that the world rested on the back of a giant sea turtle. This idea might seem far-fetched today, but for a diverse range of marine organisms, it’s reality.