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Do you remember The Great Turtle Race?

In 2007 we followed ten critically endangered leatherbacks to learn more about their migration. Now leatherbacks are engaged in another race, a race for survival.

220 kilos less of garbage in Las Baulas National Marine Park

With the support of different government institutions, organizations, neighbors, tourists and volunteers, this November we collected around 485 pounds of waste in Playa Grande and Playa Ventanas in several cleaning campaigns.

One More Threat

Upon arrival for my second field season with The Leatherback Trust in Costa Rica, I was eager to return to Playa Grande for its unique biodiversity. This year, as I reveled in the stunning environment around me that Las Baulas National Park was created to protect, I also noticed many dogs on the beach.

Drone Captures Leatherback Sea Turtle Returning to Ocean

This year, as Field Manager at The Leatherback Trust, I was lucky enough to witness an extraordinary event in Las Baulas National Park on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.

Las Baulas National Park Installs New Informative Signs

With support from the National Park Ecotourism Program, The Leatherback Trust helped Las Baulas National Park to create a series of informative signs for placement at the Playa Grande and Playa Ventanas nesting beaches.

Meet Our Field Biologists: Dana Neel

There's not a lot about this job that I don't like so I’m hard pressed to answer what my favorite part is. I really enjoy the nightly patrols when its a quiet beach and you can sit and enjoy the moon over the water.

Meet Our Field Biologists: Laura St. Andrews

This position has inspired me in a million ways. I know that I want to continue working to protect and learn more about sea turtles. Ocean conservation is more important than ever to me now.

Meet Our Field Biologists: Quintin Bergman

This new opportunity with The Leatherback Trust has allowed me to learn more about a different ecosystem and species. There is no better way to learn about conservation biology, than doing it everyday in the field.

Meet Our Field Biologists: Rhys Pegrume

My time spent with The Leatherback Trust has inspired me to get more involved in marine conservation and I am currently looking at doing a master's in marine biology.

Meet Our Field Biologists: Diana Paola Ramirez Monzón

The great importance of sea turtle conservation, is that there is still a lot of work ahead. Working with the people, the communities, and wrapping them up in this work for conservation is very important.