Las Baulas National Marine Park protects, among many other natural and cultural resources, the most important leatherback sea turtle nesting beaches in the entire Pacific Ocean. It is our duty to ensure this legacy by protecting this national park, which belongs to current and future generations.

Mario Boza

Founder of Costa Rica's National Parks and Board Member of The Leatherback Trust

Volunteers play an important role in sea turtle conservation through TLT's research program.

© Kip Evans Photography | Mission Blue

Scientists and volunteers excavate nests after hatching to calculate nesting success rates.

C. Díaz-Chuquisengo 2014

Our collaboration with Earthwatch enables volunteers to participate in conservation activities at Playa Grande in Las Baulas National Park. 

Volunteers join our research team at the Goldring-Gund Station and patrol the beach during leatherback nesting season from October to March, collecting data on nesting turtles and monitoring nests. We also invite volunteers to engage in community outreach activities and explore the park’s estuaries, home to crocodiles and monkeys.

Scientists occasionally find live hatchlings during nest excavations.

C. Díaz-Chuquisengo 2014