TLT works to improve the quality and availability of protected habitat for leatherbacks and other sea turtles worldwide. Our team helped establish Parque Marino Nacional Las Baulas (Las Baulas National Park) in Costa Rica to protect the most important nesting beaches for the critically endangered East Pacific leatherback.

Female leatherbacks need safe nearshore habitat to recuperate between nesting events.

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Expanded protections are necessary to save East Pacific leatherbacks. TLT works with resource managers and local communities to enhance habitat protection at Las Baulas National Park and secondary nesting beaches in Costa Rica (Cabuyal, Naranjo, Junquillal, Nombre de Jesús, Ostional and Camaronal). We also advance science-driven efforts worldwide to protect nesting beaches for other leatherback subpopulations (e.g. South Africa) and other imperiled sea turtle populations (e.g. loggerheads in the Mediterranean).

Recognizing a need to move beyond beaches and protect ocean habitat critical to saving turtles, TLT works to expand protections in internesting areas, migration corridors and foraging areas. We use scientific data to support transboundary conservation agreements and expand protections for turtles within pelagic habitats where they can suffer harm from industrial fishing and shipping vessels.

Leatherbacks' large size even as hatchlings, helps them stay warmer in cold pelagic waters.

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