Good Neighbors

The Leatherback Trust educates local communities and businesses on actions they can take to protect sea turtles and their habitats. We invite neighbors around Las Baulas National Park in Playa Grande, Salinitas, Matapalo, Tamarindo, Lomas, Huacas and Villarreal to join us in beach clean-ups, native plant reforestation parties, dog training days, environmental film screenings and other fun activities related to turtle conservation.

Neighbors can also visit Goldring-Gund Marine Biology Station at Playa Grande to learn more. TLT scientists are pleased to share tips for simple changes in lighting and landscaping to protect turtles.

If you live or work near a nesting beach, you can follow these simple steps to help turtles:

  • Turn off lights, close curtains and only use exterior red lights at night
  • Restore native vegetation to reduce beach erosion and avoid introducing invasive plants
  • Keep cats indoors, leash dogs and respect park rules
  • Conserve water and maintain your septic system
  • Reduce plastic use, recycle and dispose of waste responsibly

Tourists visiting Las Baulas National Park and other nesting beaches can encourage hotels and restaurants to take action to protect turtles. Local residents and visitors can also bring recycling to Las Baulas National Park headquarters, which accepts aluminium, glass, cardboard and plastic separated into the appropriate bins.

Booking a tour with a local guide is another great way for visitors to support Las Baulas National Park and its neighbors. TLT offers training for park guides to increase ecotourism revenue to local communities and collaborates with park officials to generate new opportunities for ecotourism in the region.