The Leatherback Trust uses traditional advocacy approaches to inform policy, influence industry and achieve protections for sea turtles. Advocacy activities include letter-writing campaigns, community organized events, presentations at meetings, conferences and workshops, distribution of printed materials and outreach through social media. Our mascot, Baulita Guanacaste, also joins advocacy efforts by presenting the viewpoint of a leatherback in public meetings.

F. Paladino 2012

TLT’s Costa Rican team seeks to increase public awareness and political will to support environmental conservation and protections for sea turtles. Our “Salvemos Baulas” campaign leveraged national support for leatherbacks to successfully counter proposals to downgrade Las Baulas National Park to a wildlife refuge and allow beachfront development. TLT and partner organizations in the “Frente para Nuestros Mares” won the battle to end destructive bottom trawling for shrimp, which endangers sea turtles and other marine life.