We conserve the world’s most imperiled populations of sea turtles through research, habitat protection, education and advocacy.


We develop integrated conservation strategies that link research questions to management needs, raise awareness and provide scientific data to inform sound policies to protect turtles.

In this section:

  • Protection

    Habitat Protection efforts assist park guards to achieve management priorities and safeguard protected areas by facilitating conservation easements and establishing covenants.

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  • Research

    Researchers and volunteers study sea turtle population biology and nesting ecology, physiology and behavior, and reproductive biology as well as climate change impacts.

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  • Education

    Education programs target local communities, schools, tourists and the general public to raise awareness about the threats to sea turtles and engage them as conservation partners.

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  • Advocacy

    Advocacy campaigns aim to influence decision makers and industry stakeholders to reduce threats to turtles through informed policy and sustainable resource management.

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